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     Hi My name is Ken Shelton . I really appreciate you visiting my web site ! While you're here, I sincerely hope that you will hear something that you like.Some of my songs like Tomcat Love and the Sign came from my imagination ...others like Gypsy Stars and Me had to be lived first before they could be written.Whatever talent I may possess as a songwriter,I believe to be a gift from God.I am and will always be grateful !


                                          musical comma...


      I spent some time in both Muscle Shoals and Nashville.I left Nashville in 1972. At the time I didn't have any idea that it would be 45 years before I would write another song ! When I came out of this"musical coma"...you can only imagine how much not only songwriting, but the music business itself had changed!

      At my age (almost 70) I have decided to remain true to my roots. If you're looking for Rap,Hip Hop,Indie or electronic music ...I'm sorry but you're at the wrong site. lol 

       If perhaps you're looking for a touch of 70's easy listening music,blues/jazz ,folk with a little country thrown in here and there...I may be your guy !  


                                                 my roots ...

       My roots can be found deep in the early 70's .This was the era of the"singer/songwriters ". I was heavily influenced by artist like James Taylor,Carol King, Paul Williams, Dan Fogelberg, Jimmy Webb and the songwriting team of Burt Bacharach and Hal David,just to name a few.You can also hear some TomWaits , Leonard Cohen and John Prine in my vocals(they weren't great singers ...but they were awesome writers !)

    Such a variety of influences ,make it really difficult to label my writing style or genre ....so I've created my on genre which I call Ragamuffin Music !I can only hope that my songs will touch you in a positive way. Thanks in advance for taking the time to listen ! 

                                      My Ragamuffin Music...    

    I currently have 3 albums under the My Songs section of my site ...You can listen to any of my songs for free ; however should you decide that you would like to keep any or all of my songs ...the cost is $10.00 per album. It is not my intention to make money from any purchase .  At 70 I'm too old to be chasing a musical dream or

or career! LOL If one of my songs should have an effect on you that's enough for me.  All proceeds will given to people who I consider less fortunate than myself  (you'll just have to trust me on this .)

            Ragamuffin Music... Road to Redemption 
                             A Ken Shelton Songbook
      The songs on this album were  written by a "wobbly kneed "ragamuffin with "feet of clay ", as  I've walked the long road to redemption. I've had many people share with me that they were definitely able to relate to the songs on this album.
             Ragamuffin Music ...songs from an old Ragamuffin   
                                         A Ken Shelton Songbook
 I started to name this album Just Me...Unfortunately ! In a voice as rough and gravely as my road to redemption, I sang these songs myself. The songs on this album  came from my imagination as well as life experiences.You'll be able to sing along(even if you can't sing ) !
" I believe that songs are small moments of magic, a gift from God to the songwriter and from the songwriters’ heart to yours. They have a way of touching us in a way that few things can “.


All of the songs that you'll find here on my site, I either wrote or co-wrote. "








Ragamuffin Blues

A Ken Shelton Songbook

This is a collection of blues songs. I grew up not far from the Mississippi Delta home of the Mississippi Delta blues.These songs were a lot of fun to write and perform ! These songs are simple without a lot of over production. I hope you'll enjoy them.

with help from some ragamuffin friends...

I want to take a moment to acknowledge some of the most awesome musicians you will find anywhere.Without their help these tracks wouldn't exist .Their work took good songs and made them better !They are Frank Michaels(guitars, percussion ,fiddle,steel guitar )Dennis Palitang ( piano,organ,upright bass ) Nicky V (guitars ) Toby Wilson(guitars,lap guitar,bass, percussion ) Vincent Zaalberg ( guitars)

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